Our Startups proof that Telekom's people are entrepreneurs. Get to know some of them below.

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When it comes to green energy and solar power, Martin wants to act himself instead of waiting for politics or power-supply-incumbents. His idea is to bring the penetration of photovoltaic / solar panels on German roofs to the next level, by making installing solar infrastructure both easy and cheap for house-owners. As a first step, he takes care of both finding a proper supplier and dealing with bureaucratic paperwork on behalf of its customers.

At a later stage, it is planned to offer various financing packages in order to lower the entry barrier even further. Later, he wants to enhance his offering by 'selling back' the actual power being created by the hardware ,e.g. for electric vehicles.



Pferdeapp? Pferdeapp! UQBATE Scholar Christina has been a dressage riding person for her whole life and wants to digitalize the business of horse riding, housing and caring which's market size equals more than 6 bn EUR in Germany alone. Christina's Pferdeapp aims to connect horse-owners, stables and its worksforce to manage and control e.g. nutrition, medical treatments and services like blacksmith stuff. Learn more about here project here.





upmark is an app for teachers to keep track of the daily performance of their pupils in an easy and fun way, e.g. in order to make the computation of annual testimonies easier and more rationale. 

UQBATE Scholar Volker is married to a teacher while his colleague Uli is a design driven App Developer. Having worked together for years, they are a perfect team.


ULT stands for Universial Language Translator - a platform to translate spoken words back-and-forth for every language on this planet. The vision does not stop there - the idea is to grow this idea to mimic the translations to your own voice, making conversations even more natural. 

The patented idea was started by Entrepreneur Reginald who worked on his idea and prototypes for years. He eventually reached ot to Telekom and got in touch with UQBATE. With a UQBATE Scholarship for Telekom Employee Markus, who turned out to be passionate about helping Reginald with realizing his idea, the Startup got up to speed and i.e. finalized another prototype which you can download both for android and iOS ;-). Learn more about ULT here: http://ult-speaks.com/


indeework makes field service scheduling smart. it was started up by four friends, whereof one of them, Andreas, happened to work for Deutsche Telekom. The opportunity to be a UQBATE Scholar was the tipping point for his friends to get serious as well, making them quit their jobs, move to Berlin and grow their idea into a fundable project. BTW, Andreas quit his job subsequently as well. 


Jens and Dorothee are both IT and compliance experts. Jens has developed an internal IT Tool to anonymize personal data e.g. in CRM systems, in order to comply with data privacy laws. Now, he and his team want to make a business out of this solution. During the recent years, "enkroder" is implemented in dozens of Telekom's systems already. BTW, Jens built the system mostly in his free time!


Caroline and Johannes want to build a platform to connect trainees and personal coaches. They both are young professionals with less free-time than money which narrows down their time to do sport and workouts. Business travels minimize the time to do sports even more, raising the need of finding proper "wingmen" in unknown cities. Juneo is their idea to solve their very problem for the better of both likeminded people and coaches. Find out more here


WELL creates signature drinks with heart - for your company or brand. A very special soft drink which shall furthermore generate donations for charity purposes: to build wells in Africa. 

Julia, Olli and Gerrit are currently running their first experiments with Telekom's lovemagenta brand during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Learn more here: http://www.welldrinks.de



Vidya and her co-founder Saurabh, who is a machine-learning-geek, want to make giving smarter, thus easier for everybody to raise more money for social causes and initiatives. The idea is to build a context-sensitive tool which suggests charities corresponding to the content consumed online.

Based on this idea, the Givetastic prototype recommends charitable organizations relevant to the content you read online. So the next time you feel like giving to a cause you care for, you can find the right organization instantly. Please refer to www.givetastic.org for more information on the prototype.


Jasmina and her team of two further female founders want to make it easier for businesses to find proper photographers online in order to grow their business, e.g. for e-commerce or influencer purposes. Think of an airbnb for Photography, taking advantage of the ever growing need to exploit professional images online.


Andreas and André are engineers which want to bring "Alexa skills" for businesses into the core telecommunications networks. Still at an early stage, they already developed a prototype which visualizes how a secretary-service could function based on a voice interaction and AI.


After a car break-down with no quick help in sight, three young students of Deutsche Telekom Anton, Julian and Jonathan decided they would like to fix the problem of matching non-professional experts with a certain skill-set with potential customers. The objective is to both offer extra money for semi-professionals and have good-enough service at low cost for users..


Head of Strategic Partnering Axel and his teammate Johannes, Biz-Dev Manager of congstar, want to make gifting for loved ones and friends both easy and fullfilling. The idea is to have a platform of e.g. local shops which matches the friend's or families profile with individual gifts. They built their concept on the idea that even most leading e-commerce players of today tend to know you very well, but not your spouse. Learn more about here


Telekom Dual Student Roland and his team of further young developers and product experts want to build a solution for planning trips across different transportation systems. In a later stage, the platform shall become a one-stop-shop to buy a ticket for all utilized "tools" to go from A to B.

Lending Community

Kenza and Cathrin want to help people in need for money to lend it from friends or acquaintances in a secure and safeguarded manner. Pay-back and interest coverage, if applicable, are tracked and reported for all participants in order to make every party feel comfortable. 


Sia, Areti and Panagiotis of Telekom's Greek affiliate OTE want to change their company's culture by offering Co-Working spaces for both their colleagues and the local Startup- and Freelancer Community. 


Ingo has worked on his Web-RTC based online-meeting platform for more than two years as a side project, while being a Telekom employee at the same time. His task now is to find a perfect match with customers in a competitive market. Learn more about linkchat here.


Hermes and Manuel are working on a conscious AI system designed to directly jump to Level 5 autonomous driving capabilities for vehicles on a low cost level. 


Matko from HT, Telekom's Croatian Affiliate, works on reducing the time consuming efforts to create slides and charts, i.e. via powerpoint, by 90%. He wants to apply smart algorithms and tools to make creating great presentations handy for people who are less experienced in working with office tools.


Miriam, Meike and Daniel want to empower people who are looking for directions in their lives. happyrebels is an offer which guides users with specific content and suggestions based on a unique technology. Learn more about happyrebels here


Julia, Alexander and Yasin originally wanted to offer the best start of each day with a delivery service for breakfasts - being aware of hello fresh, and the like. However,  they later pivoted twice and are now going to make life of people with Fatigue better, which you can imagine as being a much harder version of depression. Patients with fatigue suffer from a certain unability to find belief of doctors and peers, due to the lack of visible symptoms and the lack of data. Hence, the FIMO team wants to build a smart device which analyses common behaviour of patients with fatigue and translates it into a dashboard which helps doctors and peers to understand both the dynamics and impact of fatigue better.


Lena and Felix want to make a better place. They are working on providing tickets for great experiences to people in need or who could otherwise not afford spending their leisure time via buying tickets for family fun like Zoos. Learn more about plusX here.

halal online

Tayfun started selling halal sweets online a few years ago and is about to make a business out of it. Learn more about his project here.


eParkomat Caller List ZUQI ViSchool Apprec.io Foodsharity Quemey Paketchef InklusivDomain BeOnTrack


eParkomat's aim is to become the word's leading parking information provider without owning a single parking lot. Started in 2014 by T-Mobile Czech's employees Pavel and Petr, eParkomat partnered with both UQBATE and Deutsche Telekom from the very beginning. In 2016, Pavel and Petr spun-out their project to become a legal entity. Only a few months later, they negotiated two financing rounds, which both are big deals. While the first investor is Skoda Auto, the well-known car manufacurer from Czech, Telekom's hubraum also invested a serious amount of money into eParkomat! 

eParkomat's algorithm accurately predicts a parking situation in real-time by analyzing data from mobile devices' moves within a mobile network. Accompanied by data from other sources, the accuracy is being increased even more. Visit www.eparkomat.com to learn more.

Caller List

Emil Thies had a problem with his new router landline connection. He could no longer see a list of missed calls on his landline phone. In order to solve his problem he developed an app – Anrufliste online – which resolve the calling information from his router and makes it accessible on smartphones. Emil did not only solve his problem but helped thousands of customers.  To learn more about Caller List visit the appstore.


ZUQI started as a curated market place, featuring in-depth portraits of high quality service providers in 2014 - think of "Golden Pages" instead of Yellow Pages ;-). Started by Marcella together with her colleagues, it was spun out as a legal entity in 2015 an run by Marcella next to her full-time job at Telekom. Marcella still supports UQBATE as a mentor. As ZUQI was shut down in 2017, Marcella is even more experienced for helping Corporate Entrepreneurs to find their own path.



ViSchool is a curated platform for quality-approved learning content for schools. It was started by Astrid and Katharina in 2017 as their second UQBATE project already. Astrid and Katharina represent an enthusiastic interest in a wide range of learning opportunities, accompanied with a doer's mentality. To learn more about ViSchool visit www.ViSchool.de


As a social exercise platform, Fitness-Zwilling enables you to never practice alone again. Find out more by visiting http://www.fitness-zwilling.com.

Our UQBATE Alumnis Patrick and Uwe originally started back in 2016 with their idea of making sense out of data generated from various fitness devices and apps, known as h3althee. They are currently contemplating to re-launch their product once more.


Foodsharity aims to create a modern way of sharing food. After several iterations, foodsharity now adresses employees to trigger donations for the better by their employer - the equivalent of the value of your meal at your employer's cantine is to be donated by the respective company via the foodsharity platform. Visit www.foodsharity.de for more information.

Foodsharity is run by our Telekom colleague and UQBATE scholar Julia as separate company which she co-founded with Corinna and Oliver. 


Quemey is the first solution worldwide, which provides passengers on-board with a platform to answer various surveys, receive incentives and, thus, make the most out of their time. Find out more here http://www.quemey.com. Started as a side project and a legal entity (!) by our Telekom colleagues and UQBATE scholars Bastian and Dennis, Quemey is closely co-laborating with Telekom's Inflight-WiFi team. 


PaketChef empowers consumers to return their shipments at their convenience (MVP). Our UQBATE Scholars Anton and Michael, employees of T-Systems, started their project in 2016 to become an "Uber for logistics". Visit www.paketchef.com  for more information.

In April 2017, the PaketChef team closed an internal financing round on a medium-six-digit level, empowering them to build their product and to eventually spin-off their project, supported by Telekom. The PaketChef team also was awarded the opportunity to be supported by the www.starbuzz.de accelerator program which focuses on retail and logistics startups.


Margarita and Saniya are driven by a very common motivation of entrepreneurs: to solve problems and make money out of it. During their work in a service team of DT they stumbled across a product within DT's portfolion which they belief has a huge potential, both to make extra money for DT and making customers even more loyal: Inklusiefdomain = default service for every DSL Customer in Germany. But their idea did not stop here, they also want to create a portfolio of digital services like one-click-payment and single-sign-on features. They have been fighting to realize their idea for years, and during UQBATE's Demoday in November 2017  pitched it to Telekom's CEO Tim Höttges who immediately offered his support.


Sebastian and his team want to save life. Consequently, his idea of an innovative tracking device is dedicated to help find people with dementia who frequently leave their homes or institutions they live in. The technology of his product is based on Narrowband IoT ("Internet of Things"), a new mobile technology which demands very low power consumption of devices being logged in to this system - a USP to Sebastian's product, overcoming the biggest burden of customers to make use tracking devices on a daily basis. Find out more here: http://www.beontrack.info