Life is too short to build something nobody wants. We designed UQBATE around the customer's need in the first place.

The UQBATE program is open and structured in a way that allows any of  Telekom's employees to take part in UQBATE program at any stage. You can come and bring your idea you want to realize, or help others to realize their’s. You don’t have to have a business case ready or a polished pitch deck, nor do you have to meet whatever criteria in advance. All you need is your curiosity, passion and willingness to actually do something for the better ;-).

Our workshops are an offer to those who’s project is still in an early stage, or who would like to re-polish their entrepreneurship skills and ideas with our support.
Our Lectures and networking events are open to anyone interested in meeting like-minded people – also from the outside - and looking to grow both their knowledge and network. 
The UQBATE Demoday is an offer to an interested audience which is into cheering our teams up, and help them with feedback and their network. Teamwise, UQBATE Demoday serves as a platform to share your ideas with the (corporate) public and will help those would like to take their projects to the next level.
With our UBQATE Scholarship, you will have the opportunity to work full time on your business idea for 3  months. We’d help you to be set free from your day-to-day job and push your concept to grow into a fundable project or company, empowered with a sound budget. We can help you to get access to both Telekom and external Investors in order to carry on.


UQBATE Scholarship Application BatchIV 2Q 2018
Job Visiting Form for UQBATE Scholars
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The Business Model Canvas is the well established standard to describe a business model.
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This guide helps you to assess and describe your idea.
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Test your idea yourself - put it down first.
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This tool helps you to keep track of your competition.
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Getting the message of your idea or product across isn’t difficult if you make use of…
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