Launched in 2011, UQBATE was  a Three-Month-Accelerator which was designed as an open platform for Telekom’s corporate entrepreneurs to realize their ideas. The objective was to develop innovations for Telekom and foster the entrepreneurial culture of our company at the same time. UBQATE believed that entrepreneurship is what truly drives innovation, and we believed that Deutsche Telekom’s employees are best when they are allowed to do what they love. UQBATE was designed to empower Telekom’s entrepreneurs to move fast and take own decisions along customer’s needs in the first place.

We provided

  • 3-Months-Scholarship: Turn ideas into a fundable project during 100% of your working hours: Full-time, Full-speed!
  • Intense Workshops
  • Public Lectures and Meetups
  • Individual Coachings and Pitch Training
  • Co-Working-Space
  • Alumni network
  • Access to external experts (investors, innovation experts, startups)