Launched in 2011, UQBATE is a Three-Month-Accelerator of Telekom Open Spaces. UQBATE is the open platform for Telekom’s corporate entrepreneurs to realize their idea. We develop innovations for Telekom and foster the entrepreneurial culture of our company. We know that entrepreneurship is what truly drives innovation, and we believe that Deutsche Telekom’s employees are best when they are allowed to do what they love. UQBATE is designed to empower Telekom’s entrepreneurs to move fast and take decisions along customer’s needs in the first place.

We provide

  • 3-Months-Scholarship: Turn your idea into a fundable project during 100% of your working hours: Full-time, Full-speed!
  • Intense Workshops
  • Public Lectures and Meetups
  • Individual Coachings and Pitch Training
  • Co-Working-Space
  • Alumni network
  • Access to external experts (investors, innovation experts, startups)

We believe in openness: UQBATE supports our Corporate Entrepreneurs to find teammates everywhere; because the heterogeneous fit of a founding team is crucial for its success. We are inviting also external experts, innovation hubs and investors to join.

UQBATE is a movement to democratize Telekom’s organization. While entrepreneurs are free to take their own decisions, employees are depending on other’s choices. Hence, we must let our people act freely in order to accomplish the digital transformation of our company.

Find “all you need to know” about UQBATE in this podcast where Johannes was interviewed by Melina Costa:




Johannes Nünning
Founder and VP UQBATE
Johannes is UQBATE’s founder and Telekom’s first internal Business Angel.
Iris John-Buechting
Iris runs the UQBATE program based on her sound experience of both being the Co-Founder of a company and HR expert at Deutsche Telekom.
Marcella Gäb
Marcella is an experienced innovation manager at DT and also the founder of a former corporate startup called ZUQI
Hendrik Lennarz
Growth Hacking Expert
Hendrik helps our teams to find the best angle to test and improve their idea. He calls his Growth Hacking Process V2.0 which gives a holistic overview of the most important tasks and disciplines to win a Growth business challenge. That means for our UQBATE Scholars that they can use his process like an individual Growth roadmap, which always helps prioritizing the right tasks to the right time, step-by-step.
Ruth Cremer
Business Case Modelling Coach
Ruth helps our UQBATE Scholars to find, formulate and optimise their business model. She understands financial plannings as a tool that constantly evolves, not one-time excel-monsters made up for investors or banks. Ruth developed her own method that builds financial plans around the KPIs of the business models, allows a high degree of automation and enables monitoring functions. We got to know Ruth as a mathematician with a passion for startups and hands-on work.
Sebastian Paasch
Project Management Coach
Sebastian empowers our UQBATE Scholars to "get the right things done with even more fun". He has worked with dozens of both corporates and startups and spent a serious time of his career with Rocket Internet.
Kamil Barbarski
Business Model Generation Coach
Kamil is an entrepreneur and startup community builder from Cologne/Germany. He is the co-founder of MAK3it and passionate about helping teams find their personal "why" as a platform to do what they love.
Christoph Raethke
Pitch Wizard and UQBATE Grandfather
Christoph is a passionate supporter of the UQBATE movement since its very beginning. He started his career in one of the first digital agencies in 1996, joined his first startup team in 1999/2000 and has been working with the Berlin digital industry ever since. Christoph founded Berlin Startup Academy as Germany’s only founder-owned accelerator in Summer 2012, leveraging a dedicated mentor network of 120+ CEOs, investors, and experts.




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