APPLY BY 31st of January 2019 and become a UQBATE Scholar!

UQBATE, a format of Telekom Open Spaces, is the 3-Months-Accelerator for Telekom’s Corporate Entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into fundable projects.


UQBATE Scholars can fully dedicate their working hours during a three months Job-Visit. UQBATE offers workshops, coaching, and new connections. Btw – as a team-mate of Telekom-Open-Spaces, UQBATE offers a co-working space in Bonn, too.

The fifth batch of the UQBATE Scholarship is going to be kicked of in April 2019 and you can apply for it until 31st of January 2019! 


  • Make use of our application form which you can find here
  • We create a shortlist of all applications
  • Those shortlisted will be invited for interview-workshops in Bonn, scheduled for 4th to 9th of February, 2019
  • The interview-workshops are half-day events were you will meet a diverse group of people during three 20-minute-interviews
  • Those successful will be invited shortly after the last interview workshop to become a UQBATE Scholar
  • It is helpful to have informed your boss in advance of your application
  • UQBATE Scholarship Batch V will be kicked-off on 8th of April 2018 in Cologne or Bonn
  • The program is designed for somewhat “grown-up” ideas
  • Therefore, you should already have gathered some experience and have made learnings from realizing your idea.
  • We will look into your learings during the interviews.
  • Showing-up as a team is helpful to indicate the meaningfulness of your idea, as your teammates see the opportunity you are seeing as well.

UQBATE Scholars turn their ideas into a fundable project during three months. They validate their business model along experiments and customer feedback from the very beginning. Furthermore, we push them to generate a clear view on both the business and financial aspects of their project. Finally, they will both find and pitch to their proper investor to enter the next phase of their initiative. To do so, UQBATE empowers them to build and test prototypes and to get in touch with helpful people – both inside and outside of Telekom. UQBATE Scholars will learn whether they want to push their project within Deutsche Telekom or as their own Startup. Furthermore, we are open to “excubate” Telekom projects as an external entity. Our new offer, the UQBATE Sabbatical, helps our Scholars to become Startup Founders with an unpaid leave and we will design dedicated offers for Startup Founders. There are already four teams applying this approach which are happy to share their experience with you!

To sum it up: Before becoming a UQBATE Scholar you should make reference to some criteria, though. We are looking for:

  1. Passionate teams – you should already have gathered some followers to join your project along the way
  2. Learning skills – you should show to have the eagerness to learn from the real world, e.g.  based on prototypes you have been testing with customers
  3. Vision: you should have a clear view on your motivation and objectives during your scholarship
  4. Finally, you should have an opinion on why Telekom should be your sponsor 😉

Interested? Download the application form here 

Learn more about UQBATE in this Podcast where Johannes was interviewed by Innovation Expert Melina Costa

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